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Joebody's Lotis and Bobby images

V 2.1.0 from 25-Nov-98, updated at 24-Apr-99.

The Bobby series is all high kicks, splits and straddles. Bobby is waitress and an amateur dancer. I trained with her for while and I helped her get some work in a few off Broadway shows. She is a very nice and kind person. I'd like to thank ph7, Tige, Eric VanSickle, Marek, MikeMyDay, Silas, Yomei, Ron Dwight and all those who gave me enough emotional support to re-kindle my desire to contribute to contortion.

Lotis is an amateur fitness competitor and model. Update April: loXX-images! She enjoys weight lifting, aerobics, gymnastics classes, dancing, science fiction films, being photographed, cooking and computers. Some of the amazing things about Lotis are her leg strength and Russian splits. She can squat over 200 lbs. (twice her body weight) and leg press about 425 lbs. Considering she is under 100 lbs. herself, this is quite astonishing. Another thing that always shocked me about Lotis are her Russian splits. She can fall right down into them with no warm-up whatsoever. I mean, she can literally wake up from sleeping 8 hours and jump right down into Russian splits. For the record, she is currently working very hard on perfecting her front splits and backbends. She lives, works and trains near New York City. I am training her very hard right now for an upcoming fitness contest this summer in NYC. I will be updating her pictures and BIOS as I can.

I did my best to enhance the original images in double size, sharpness, color correction (joebody's scanner has to much green). Then I compressed them by advanced technology to shorten your download time! -Possi

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