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V 3.0.1 from 23-Dec-96, updated at 23-Aug-98.

Here are the images from my own collection for more then 20 years (from magazines, books etc.). The b/w scanning quality is not so good because I have only an old Agfa scanner. Some other colour images are taken by my camera and then scanned to Photo-CD. The color scans are done by my contortion friend Carsten, he has an excellent color scanner (Thank you, Carsten). Enjoy!

Update: I have scanned and added some images with my new Agfa Snapscan 600 Scanner. They have the No. cp59-cp66 at the last pages here.

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image/_cp65_ste1.jpg, 71 x 96, 2.5K
400 x 536
image/_cp66_ste2.jpg, 84 x 96, 2.8K
400 x 453

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