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Ron's new CD is out!!!

Here are some thumbnails of my favorite examples from Ron's new Contortion-CD wich I love very much. Each CD contains more than color and b/w 6000 images of different quality, JPG compressed, mostly 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. Write a Email to Ron at ron@knowledgebase.fi to get one, it is'nt cheap, but this fantastic collection is worth every buck. Please understand, I cannot link the high resolution images behind the thumbnails because of copyright issues. Thank you Ron for your graet work! (21-Jan-99)

ron_01.jpg ron_02.jpg ron_03.jpg ron_04.jpg
ron_05.jpg ron_06.jpg ron_07.jpg ron_08.jpg
ron_09.jpg ron_10.jpg ron_11.jpg ron_12.jpg