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Thanks to Steffen, a german contortion fan. Maybe I can put some information about him here, if he allows that. Carsten has scanned some advertizing material about contorsionists which Steffen got in his party service time. I am also trading lots of videos with Steffen. Last year he was in Riesa und got nice Photos with the new APS system, but unfortunately Kodak did not develop a PhotoCD scanner to transfer these APS images to Disk. This is announced to be available in future, stay tuned.

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image/_st37_lorna_chester.jpg, 43 x 96, 1.3K
366 x 800
image/_st38_lorna_raucht.jpg, 96 x 88, 3.5K
800 x 740
image/_st39_duo_fiesta.jpg, 40 x 96, 1.6K
350 x 820

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